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9th Month

September 9th, 2011

I love September.  I’ve been going around all day singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” because it is.  I love the stillness.  I don’t know why it’s so still in the day in September, but it is.  The crackly dry of the grass and leaves and the chirpy buzz of the frogs and cicadas settle into the warm, windless afternoons and evenings.  There’s an atmosphere of fullness and completion, like summer has done her job and now there’s a lull.  It’s open-window weather.  It’s sit-outside-in-the-evening weather.  It’s satisfied and finished and waiting weather, kind of like a pregnancy.  It is the ninth month of the year, now that I think about it, so it is the finished and waiting time of pregnancy.  The black-eyed Susan vine I planted from seed is finally blooming and the Mandevilla has curlicued its way down the whole fence with its myriad of tropical pink flowers.  The Mexican sunflower is getting a little ostentatious with its vivid orange blooms and the cypress vine is like a charismatic little autocrat taking over the whole garden with its ferny foliage and delicate red blossoms.  The hummingbirds are happy about the new garden conqueror.  Since the bee balm has gone to seed, they need a new nectar source. And I sit in the sun and wait, complete, and listen to the loudness of the September stillness.

Nine Months of Labor

September 6th, 2011

We finished all the homework!   Adoptive parents have to complete a minimum of 10 hours of education on adoption, parenting, orphans, attachment, etc. before they can adopt internationally.  Ours took more than 10 hours.  We had to watch 4 hours of a DVD set and then write essays on the content. Then we had to do an online tutorial and take what was essentially a comprehensive test.  Much of it was informative and helpful, but it is a lot of work.  AS IS EVERYTHING ELSE INVOLVED IN ADOPTION.  As I’ve been telling people, it’s a part time job you don’t get paid for.  There’s one thing I want all adopted kids out there to know:  Your parents really wanted you.  Nobody goes to this much trouble for something they’re kind of interested in doing; they have to really want it.   There are nine months of labor in getting a child into this world.  I’ve done that three times.  Well, there are at least nine months of labor to adopt a child.  It’s is just a different kind of labor.  But it can be tiring, painful, annoying, and burdensome, just like gestating a child can be.  I think we just finished the second trimester.  At least I hope we have.  Now we’re looking forward to the arrival of our child.