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Respecting People, Part II (Babe)

June 7th, 2012

Read Matthew 20:25-28

Who are the “Gentiles”? (the outsiders, the worldly, the ones who weren’t following God)

How does Jesus say they lead or rule?

Show clip from Babe, scene  .  This is where Ma (the dog) tells Babe to intimidate the sheep into obeying.  Babe tries this, and it doesn’t work.  So he tries a different tactic.


What was Ma telling Babe?

What happened?

How did it reflect this scripture?

How did Babe elicit the sheep’s cooperation?  (kindness and respect)

I Peter 3:8-9

Don’t repay insults with insults.  Don’t treat people with disrespect.  Be humble.  Seek harmony.

People need leaders.  Jesus wasn’t a follower, but He didn’t intimidate or manipulate or belittle to get followers.  We follow a different path from the world.