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Bad Guys (Mystery Men)

June 13th, 2012

Movie Bible Study


Give synopsis of movie up to scene 11.  Explain about the “superheroes” and the bad guys, and Captain Amazing’s self-promoting role in the whole conflict.

Show clip from Mystery Men, scene 11.  Show clip without comment.  Stop when woman checks his pulse and he’s obviously dead.  Hand out pencils and paper and show clip again.  Tell students to write down all of Captain Amazing’s bad character traits.  When clip ends, ask each kid to name one negative trait that Amazing exhibits.  Have everyone go to Proverbs.  All verses are found in Proverbs.

16:5, 16:18  Arrogance

14:16-17, 16:32, 19:19, 22:24-25  Impatience, Anger, Temper

29:20  Rashness

25:28, 29:11  Self-control

Discuss that we may actually die from our arrogance or rashness, but we will have to face negative consequences.  Life is hard when you have this sinful characteristics; that’s why God wants us to avoid them.

What’s the opposite of these traits?  Humility, patience, self-control.