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Respecting People, Part II (Babe)

June 7th, 2012

Read Matthew 20:25-28

Who are the “Gentiles”? (the outsiders, the worldly, the ones who weren’t following God)

How does Jesus say they lead or rule?

Show clip from Babe, scene  .  This is where Ma (the dog) tells Babe to intimidate the sheep into obeying.  Babe tries this, and it doesn’t work.  So he tries a different tactic.


What was Ma telling Babe?

What happened?

How did it reflect this scripture?

How did Babe elicit the sheep’s cooperation?  (kindness and respect)

I Peter 3:8-9

Don’t repay insults with insults.  Don’t treat people with disrespect.  Be humble.  Seek harmony.

People need leaders.  Jesus wasn’t a follower, but He didn’t intimidate or manipulate or belittle to get followers.  We follow a different path from the world.


Respecting People (Napoleon Dynamite)

June 7th, 2012

Movie Bible Study

Clip is from Napoleon Dynamite, deleted scenes.  Choose the kickball scene and play.

Read Matthew 5:22.  Ask “What does this raca mean?”  Explain it is a term of disrespect or contempt.  Say, “I’m going to give you permission to say some things now that yo wouldn’t ordinarily say, but let’s avoid cussing.  Tell me some words or signs of disrespect that people show toward one another.”

“What does God says about this.”

“What if they deserve it?”

“How does God see those people?  What is His relation to them?”  See if the group can realize that God created those people, too.  When you insult someone, you insult the one who created him.  It’s like insulting a kid in front of his parents.  How do the parents take it?  It makes them very upset, of course.  We have to realize that God feels the same way when we show disrespect for one of His creations or one of His children.


What if someone is doing the same to you?  How do you react?  Matthew 5:11-12